Sign Solutions, Inc. is a preferred provider of Watchfire brand EMCs (Electronic Message Centers). We can help you determine the type of EMC that best suits your needs. We also provide installation, service and the training of your staff for the user-friendly Ignite operating software.


New vs. Replacing Existing
Thinking of upgrading your existing EMC?
Frustrated from paying for numerous service calls?
Want to upgrade to a nicer looking EMC?

Not only can we provide a brand new electronic sign for your business, Watchfire also offers rebates for businesses who choose to replace an existing, possibly outdated electronic sign.


Readerboard Swap

Tired of changing your readerboard when it’s freezing outside? Finally decided you want to upgrade your advertising capabilities to more than one message at a time? Or maybe you simply want to catch more people’s attention

Then an Electronic Message Center is perfect for you. Update your messages from the comfort of your computer! Schedule your messages for weeks or months in advance! Choose from thousands of pre-made messages and animations that come standard with all Watchfire EMCs!


Size – Standard or Custom
Single Sided vs. Double Sided
Full Color vs. Monochrome
Resolution – 25mm, 19mm, 12mm, 10mm
Communication – Fiber Optic, Wireless Radio or Broadband Wireless

After we have helped you choose what type of EMC will best fit your needs, we are capable of providing you with an estimate. Other options include artwork of your new EMC or a digital rendering showing what your new sign will look like in action at your location. Also available is an on-site demonstration put on by a Watchfire representative.


Other factors to consider when shopping for an Electronic Message Center:

Quality & Reliability
Watchfire offers an industry best 5 year warranty on all parts.
Sign Solutions, Inc. offers a 1 year warranty on all labor.

Customer Service
Sign Solutions, Inc. is a Certified Service Partner fully capable of helping maintain your EMC.
Watchfire’s world class customer service if fully committed to helping with your EMC before, during and after the sale.

At Sign Solutions, Inc. we understand that an Electronic Message Center can be a costly investment. That is why we are prepared to assist in setting you up with a Financial Agent that specializes in Electronic Message Centers, helping to make the cost more reasonable while allowing you to take advantage of having an Electronic Sign for you business sooner.


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